Hello there! My name is Sarah, and I am delighted to introduce myself as the manager of Study Room Training.

With a background in Health and Social Care since my early years, my passion for teaching has grown tremendously. Over time, I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge, which has now led me to create Study Room Training, a place where we strive to provide exceptional courses, including Moving and Handling, First Aid, Infection Control, and many more.

Throughout my extensive experience working with diverse individuals, I have come to realize the utmost importance of having qualified and capable staff. Their confidence and competence in performing their duties can truly make a significant difference in assisting the clients they serve.

When you step into the realm of Health and Social Care, wearing that uniform or displaying your ID badge, you become someone whom your clients hold high expectations for. They anticipate your behavior to be a certain way, your knowledge to be abundant, and above all, they see you as the consummate professional.

Here at Study Room Training, we are committed to molding and shaping individuals into the professionals that the Health and Social Care community requires. We understand the value of well-trained staff, and we would be thrilled to assist you with all your training needs.

Our inviting training room is located in Welwyn Garden City, providing a wonderful atmosphere for learning. However, we understand the need for convenience, so if it suits you better, we can also bring our expertise directly to your location. Simply give us a call at 07804 649729, and we will be more than happy to arrange a booking that suits your schedule.

We look forward to the opportunity to support you on your journey towards becoming a highly skilled and compassionate professional in the Health and Social Care field.


What we Offer:

Some of our courses run weekly and some monthly or quarterly.  We have a calendar that you can use to book online or call us on 07804 649729.  If you need a certain course or a certain time and date then let us see if we can accommodate you.  We understand the pressures of releasing staff to be trained!

You can come to us in Welwyn Garden City or we can come to you.

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Relaxed and Friendly atmosphere

Enthusiastic approach to training

A genuine interest to make a difference

A vast amount of knowledge and Experience shared